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[If you are on either Nepeta or Equius' "good list," you will notice an envelope decorated with adorable horse and kitty stickers lying in front of your door. The note inside it is covered in horses and kitties as well, though these appear to be hand-drawn in two different art styles. The note reads as follows:

You are cordi001y invited to the wedding cerepony of Equius Zahhak and Nepeta Leijon as they celepurrrate their bond as being the best furiends to each other that they could evfur have asked for!! It will be held on the 23rd day of this Earth perig33. Pl33se dress in furrmal attire to fit the occasion. Ludi% shenanigans will not be purrmitted!!

Should you find yourself befuddled by the mishmash of speech quirks written in the note, Equius probably isn't too difficult to find--just look in the direction of the two STRONG FOOTPRINTS left in front of your door as he made his way back to his workspace around the stationhive.]

((this'll be open until the 23rd! i'll do my best to tag around in it until then o/))


Jan. 19th, 2011 05:05 pm
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Vegeta and Tyr are not AUing because the options available to me to do that would require way too much thought.

Equius is AUing to being a human.
He's Nepeta's older cousin and is very protective of her. He's probably the one responsible for getting her to live with him in his family's nice house while her mother roams the world. However, his parents are always off on their own world-traveling adventures, so they have a live-in babysitter-slash-butler, Aurthour, who primarily takes care of them. Equius gets along with him well enough, but the fact that Aurthour's there and his own parents aren't has given him a rather sizable case of anger and daddy issues.

Equius has been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and he's always been pretty embarrassed about it. He takes oral medication for it, and as a result developed eyesight problems. He wears glasses that have very dark-tinted lenses, but no one really knows why. He eventually became obsessed with strenuous physical activity as a means to "cover up" his problem and got onto the wrestling team, eventually becoming co-captain because he's actually a pretty damn strong kid and knows how to use that to his advantage. Despite that, he still has moments of idiocy, such as refusing to take off his glasses during practice and matches and thus having cracks in his lenses. He also convinced Nepeta to join the team because it'd look good on her transcript, and despite her not initially wanting to/liking it, she turned out to be a pretty good addition to the team.

He and Vriska are next-door neighbors and get along about as well as two territorial dogs most of the time. Aurthour has cleaned him up from nasty paintball wars in the front yards numerous times. He has a crush something bad on Aradia. ANY OTHER RELATIONSHIPS??
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Or, How Eraym Worked Herself to Death in an Attempt at Spring '12 Graduation. All times are Central (GMT-6).

Rehearsal, 6:00-8:00pm

Ballet I, 9:30-10:45am
Composition II (Group), 11:00-12:30pm
Intermediate Japanese, 1:10-2:00pm

Ancient Western Literature, 9:30-10:45am
World of Ideas, 11:00-12:15pm
Intermediate Japanese, 1:10-2:00pm
Prose Stylistics, 6:15-8:45pm

Ballet I, 9:30-10:45am
Composition II (Group), 11:00-12:30pm
Intermediate Japanese, 1:10-2:00pm
Dance Company, 7:00-8:00pm

Ancient Western Literature, 9:30-10:45am
World of Ideas, 11:00-12:15pm
Intermediate Japanese, 1:10-2:00pm

Composition II (Group), 11:00-12:30pm

Different rehearsals will be added in later in the semester for the student-run dance show. Don't expect to see me around much from March 7th-15th.
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Name: Equius Zahhak / centaursTesticle
Age: 6 Alternian solar sweeps (13 Earth years)
Eyes: Very blue IGNORE THAT, I'm dumb. Trolls have yellow sclera and black pupils, presumably. Equius probably just has really bad bags under his eyes.
Hair: Black, kind of mulletish
Blood: Highest blue
Medical Info: Strong, healthy young troll!
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: SAY ANTHING YOU WANT. Your (sweat) results may vary!
Abilities: Really, really, ridiculously strong. Before the group even started playing, he was one of the strongest trolls on Alternia.
Accent: 100k, it's e%ceptionally difficult to come up with a good e%ample of his typing quirk, even if it is one of the easiest to read. Clearly it's my fault for having candy-red b100d and also pol100ting it with to%ins us Earth pinkmonkeys call "soda".
Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: He can presumably tell when someone is trying to get into his head to control him, as he calls Vriska out on it in canon. His mind would probably be really scarring to whoever decided they wanted to search it, anyway. sadomasopedorobonecrobestiality...
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Ask!
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Ask!
Maim/Murder/Death: He's essentially a ridiculously strong endgame RPG tank character. Talk to me!
Cooking: ... I'll figure that out later.
Other: Equius' accent is present in speech and in text. The only difference between the two is that he adds the bow and arrow (D -->) at the beginning of each chunk in text IGNORE MY FAIL, JEGUS CHRIST, the bow and arrow are present in his speech according to the Alterniabound flash. Basically the way to tell if it's in person is if his abbreviated chumHandle shows up.
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Voting went here, 35 & 6 for 85.4%.


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